H.D.H. Shri Dada Bhagwan (8th Nov 1908- 2nd Jan 1988)

H.D.H. Shri Dada Bhagwan (8th Nov 1908- 2nd Jan 1988)

The Enlightened Divine Being Shri Ambalal Muljibhai Patel (8th November,1908- 2nd January,1988) popularly known as Akram Vignani Shri Dada Bhagawan was born in Gujarat (India) and lived a life of a businessman ( Civil Contractor ) in Vadodara and Mumbai. Since childhood he had a natural quest for scientific exploration for explanation of the human inner life science in a holistic manner encompassing spiritual life, family life, social life and various other spheres of Human Life & Living.  He appreciated the varied belief systems prevailing in India and the world at large. He was bestowed with Self Realisation in 1958 which occurred ‘But Natural’.

Thereafter he became gradually known amongst the people having a quest for the scientific understanding of Human Inner Life and Living while accepting the view points of various faiths & belief systems.  During his lifetime, thinkers and people in general from various walks of life and belief systems (viz; Hindu, Jains, Sikhs, Muslims, Christians, Zoroastrians, Theosophists etc.) had dialogues with Akram Vijnani Dada Bhagawan  to obtain consistent, secular, rational and logical scientific explanations to their queries and got solace in the modern times of hectic life.

It was His benevolent wish to disseminate his But-Natural revelations, scientific explorations and explanations to the general public through the thinkers and scientists throughout India and abroad so that all human beings can live a virtuous, happy, holistic and harmonious life fortified of peace and prosperity.

He believed that the spread of this virtuous knowledge is feasible in the present era of wide-spread education and literacy coupled with communication technology.

These are his words:

If we are able to illuminate the path of those scientists, they would convert their knowledge in their lexicons, then it would be available to each and every person.  It is my idea that this science has to be made available to everyone in every nook and corner of this world; everyone in the world has to feel happiness and peace. That is my intention, my idea and the thrust of my inner force.

Holistic Scientist Dada Bhagwan

Holistic Science Research Center

Maha Videh Teerth Dham Complex,
Kamrej, Surat 394 185

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Title song:  Ye Vishwa me Sukh aur Shanti ho
(ये विश्व में सुख और शान्ति हो)
Lyric, Music:  Kaviraj Navaneet Sanghavi
कविराज नवनीत संघवी
Singer:  Kaviraj Navneet Sanghavi & Chorus
कविराज नवनीत संघवी व साथी

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