Asian Philosophy Conference

We extend you the most cordial invitation to participate in Asian Philosophy Conference to be hosted by Holistic Science Research Centre, VVCRF, Near Dada Bhagawan Mahavideh Teerthdhaam Temple Complex, Kamrej, Surat, India on 3rd and 4th January 2018 which would be followed by Indian Philosophical Congress during 5th to 7th January 2018. You are requested to participate in both. Human existence essentially comprises of spiritual, rational and emotional modes which find their expression in ethical, religious, aesthetic, social and political forms of living. Though these modes and forms of living seem to be varied and different, every instance of lived experience of Individual’s existence brings them all together to form a holistic experience. Though variedness and difference help us in understanding the uniqueness of the particular forms of life, it is the holistic perspective that facilitates deciphering a comprehensive meaning to the human existence. Most of the Asian Philosophies have reflected on this holistic perspective of human existence though there may be differences of view points as to what this holistic perspective comprises of; whether it is a mere aggregate or beyond the aggregate of particulars; what kind of relation exists among the particulars and between particulars and the whole. These issues have been proposed, contested, modified and rejected within the Asian philosophical paradigm of both classical and modern times in a fruitful way.

In the present age of post-modern thinking and facticity of Globalisation, it would be an intellectually a stimulating exercise to revisit the Asian Philosophies to reinterpret and reorient ourselves to the holistic modes of thinking and ways of living by critically evaluating not only our own traditional conceptions but also the dominant Westernways of thinking. Asian Philosophy Conference is moving in the direction of finding an identity for Asian philosophies by asserting them in all international forums. Since there are many national organizations and International Federations of Philosophy, and as the space between these forums is too far and wide, there is a need for an identity broader than national and narrower than the global that can help us in bridging the two. The Asian philosophy Conference is conceived to work towards promoting such regional and transnational identities. Philosophies in Asia have to celebrate their creative contributions in advancing philosophical wisdom to assert their identities. Asian Philosophy Conference would help find our own native identities as philosophers and it simultaneously helps to develop a meaningful mosaic of common Asian identity, which in turn would lead to the emergence of a truly global forum for philosophers in which the multiple identities are seen both as distinctive and homogeneous. The Present Session of the Asian Philosophy Conference comprises of the following programme:

Plenary Sessions: The conference would comprise of four plenary sessions with the invited speakers. In addition, three Plenary sessions are meant for the registered participants.

Submission of Papers:

Themes of Plenary sessions for Registered Participants:

PARALLEL SESSIONS 1: Asian Perspectives on Holistic Modes of Thinking ( Epistemological, Metaphysical etc.)

PARALLEL SESSION 2: Asian Perspectives on Holistic Ways of Living (Social and Ethical etc.)

PARALLEL SESSION 3: Asian Perspectives on Holistic Modes of Experiencing and Expressing. (Aesthetical, Spiritual, Linguistic, historical etc.)

We welcome scholars from various parts of the world working on Asian Philosophies to send their papers for these three Plenary sessions by mail to Please note that the presentation should not exceed 20 minutes, within 1012 pages length of approximately 3000 word limit. Peer reviewed papers will be shortlisted for the presentation. Interested scholars may also register for mere participation in the joint academic program APC & IPC by paying the required Registration fee.

Travel Assistance:

As we have limited funds for the event we are constrained to provide travel to the invited speakers only. We advise the registered participants and other interested scholars to make use of their own resources for their travel.


There is common registration fee for Asian Philosophy Conference and Indian Philosophical Congress.
Foreign Participants: USD50
Regular Participants: Rs 3000/-
Students/ Retired scholars/Accompanists: Rs. 1500/-

The participants need to register themselves giving full details on the given format to be uploaded on the webpage of Holistic Science Research Centre, Surat accessible through their URL .

Registration fees should be credited in the special account opened for the event.
Local Secretary, 92nd Session of Indian Philosophical Congress,
Bank of India, Navagam Kamrej Char Rasta,
Account no: 275810110010054
IFSC Code: BKID0002758
MICR Code 395013012
(Best way for quick transfer is IMPS)

Last Date of Registration and submission of Abstract : 31st Oct., 2017 , Word limit 500 with late fees (Rs.1000/- ): 15th Nov., 2017

Last Date of Registration and submission of full paper: 15th Nov., 2017 Word limit 3000-4000 with late fees (Rs.1000/-): 30th Nov.,2017

How to Reach the Venue:

Holistic Science Research Centre, VVCRF, is adjacent to Dada Bhagawan Mahavideh Teerthdhaam Complex, Kamrej, Surat, India. Nearest railway station and Airport is at Surat i.e. 18k.m and 30k.m. respectively from Dada Bhagawan Mahavideh Teerthdhaam Complex, Kamrej. Holistic Science Research Centre is located on the National Highway between Mumbai and Ahmedabad. Therefore, State and Private Luxury Buses are running frequently on this route. Taxis /vehicleswill be arranged for the invitees. Delegates are requested to come with both ways of reservation. Without prior registration, Holistic Science Research Centre will not be responsible for arrangement of accommodation.

Temperature in January is expected to be 28 degrees Celsius maximum and 13 degrees Celsius minimum. Light warm cloths may be advisable during night.

Organizing Committee


His Divine Holiness Shri Kanudadaji,
Founder, Holistic Science Research Centre,


Prof. S. R. Bhatt Chairman,
Indian Council of Philosophical Research,
New Delhi

General Secretary:

Prof. Balaganapathi Devarakonda
Professor of Philosophy,
University of Delhi.
Mobile: +91 9873920217


Dr. Aditya Gupta
Department of Philosophy
University of Delhi

Distinguished Members:

Prof. Rajneesh Shukla Member Secretary,
Indian Council of Philosophical Research,
New Delhi

Prof S. Panneerselvam General Secretary,
Indian Philosophical Congress Former head,
Department of Philosophy,
University of Madras

Local Secretary:

Shri L.D.Patel Holistic Science Research Centre Surat.

Organizing Institution:

Holistic Science Research Centre,
VVCRF, near Dada Bhagawan Mahavideh TeerthdhaamComplex,
Kamrej, Surat, India.
Contact details:
Phone: 02621-250750